Water Heater Installation & Repair in Villa Rica

Experienced water heater repair and installation services in Villa Rica

After a long day at work, a hot shower or bath can be one of the more relaxing things you can do - but what if there was no hot water to be found? Unfortunately, this is how many of our customers discover that their water heater is in need of repairs. Whether you know it or not, you rely on your water heater for many reasons ranging from hot showers to washing greasy dishes. And like any other appliance in your home, your water heater can fall into disrepair, in some instances even requiring a replacement. At Premium Plumbing and Septic, we are your water heater repair company. With years of experience and training with major brands and models, we have the skills to get your water heater back up and running in no time!

Looking for a water heater upgrade? Our plumbers can help you choose a new water heater, and even offer tankless water heater installation services too!

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

While you hope it never happens to you, many homeowners find out their water heater is broken mid-shower or after coming home to a flood. With a little diligence, and knowing what to look for, that doesn’t have to be the case. Some common warning signs include:

  • High Energy Bills: As your water heater ages, it’ll struggle to keep water hot throughout the day. If you’re seeing an irregular uptick in your energy costs, the water heater could be to blame.
  • Rust: Whether it’s a buildup on the outside of the tank or in your water, rust is never a good thing. It could be a sign that your tank is deteriorating, and will need to be repaired or replaced before the problem becomes more serious.
  • Water Leaks: Always check around valves and the base of your water heater. A small leak could be a precursor to a complete break. If the leak is small enough, our plumbers will be able to fix it with no problem.
  • Strange Noises: Scale is a type of mineral deposit that can grow inside of your water heater. Eventually, it’ll cause strange noises in your water heater, along the lines of a banging.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures: Your water heater has a burning element inside that is responsible for keeping the water hot. If your water temperature fluctuates or simply never manages to get hot enough, it could require a replacement.

At the first sign of trouble, you should call a plumber. Hot water heater repairs can often be simple if caught early enough. This will also help you save on the need for a complete replacement.

Replacing Your Old Water Heater

If a repair is not a viable option, then a hot water heater replacement will be needed. While water heater installations can be an unforeseen expense, they don’t have to be a bad thing. For one, new water heaters are much more energy efficient. This can translate into significant savings, that’ll eventually help pay for the unit. Additionally, a new water heater can add easy value to your home, which is great if you plan on selling soon.

When you work with our plumbing experts, we'll help you find the right water heater for your home. Once installed, we’ll also be able to provide you with water heater maintenance, which can go a long way to extending the life of your appliance, and also keeping preventing serious emergency issues in the future.

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At Premium Plumbing and Septic, our goal is to provide you with high-quality water heater repair services. Because we train with all major brands and models, our plumbing contractors can find a viable hot water tank replacement or repair. And if we do install a new water heater in your home, we can also help you keep it maintained and running in top shape.

At Premium Plumbing and Septic we are your full-service plumbing company. Find out about our expert services including water leak detection the next time you suspect an issue with your water heater.

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