Expert Water Leak Detection in Villa Rica

Accurate water leak detection and repair services in Villa Rica

When it comes to your plumbing, a hidden issue is never a good thing - particularly one where water is concerned. But, a hidden water leak is exactly that. Often happening behind walls and under floors, a water leak can lead to significant damage to your home. At Premium Plumbing and Septic, we’re here to help. Using the latest leak detection methods, we can find that pesky leak, and have it repaired in no time.

Best of all? We also offer water damage restoration, in the event that a water leak has already taken its toll on your home.

Signs of Hidden Water Leaks

While a puddle of water is always a sure-fire sign you have a water leak, there are plenty of other subtle warning signs you should be on the lookout. These include:

  • High Water Bills: You should have a good idea of what you pay monthly for utilities. That’s why any just in cost should warn you something is wrong. Even if you don’t see the leak, it could be wasting gallons of water on a daily basis.
  • The sound of Running Water: Everyone knows the sound a faucet or toilet makes when the water is running. Imagine hearing that throughout the day. While it could be as something as simple as a damaged toilet, it could also be a sign of a water leak.
  • Wall and Baseboard Stains: Probably the most common sign of a water leak is yellow stains on walls, ceilings, and baseboards. Any visible moisture is always an indication that the water leak is pretty significant.
  • Low Water Pressure: If the water is leaking out before reaching your fixtures, low water pressure will be a common problem. A good test is to open one fixture, and then open another. If the pressure drops significantly, it could point to a leak in that specific pipe.
  • Mold: Probably the worst case scenario for any homeowner, mold growth is the more common outcome of a water leak. Mold is not only damaging for your home but also it can pose health concerns for your family.

Expert water leak detection will be needed to solve the problem. Once a leak is located, a simple water line leak repair will get you back on your way. If multiple sections of pipe are needed, the repair may be more complex, but a trained plumber will be able to handle the issue easily.

How Are Water Leaks Located?

Finding a water leak detection company can be tough, but at Premium Plumbing and Septic, we make that choice easy. How? We use the latest water leak detection and repair solutions to find your leak with pinpoint accuracy. One common method water leak detection companies use is camera inspections. A video camera leak inspection gives you the chance to get into small areas without causing any significant damage to the inside of your home.

If the location of the leak is already known, it’s more common that drywall is removed to provide a repair. Main water line repair is often more serious because water mains connect directly to city plumbing. In many instances, this can lead outside and away from your home, which is why you’re going to want to work with only the best plumbers.

Professional Repairs from Premium Plumbing and Septic

At Premium Plumbing and Septic, our goal is to provide our customers with effective repairs for their water leak issues. By finding and addressing the main source of the problem, we guarantee a long-lasting solution. Our plumbers are constantly undergoing regular training so we can serve you to the best of our ability.

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit our reviews page to see what our past customers have to say about our work, and be sure to schedule a plumbing inspection in your home today!

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