Clogged Toilet Repair Services in Villa Rica

Convenient clogged toilet repair services in Villa Rica

Everyone’s dealt with a clogged toilet at some point. While many homeowners take the DIY approach to use a plunger or some store-bought cleaner, some clogs are too serious for even those methods. When the going gets tough, you can count on Premium Plumbing and Septic to help you get the toilet flowing again. We offer professional clogged toilet repair services, and for those extra serious situations, complete toilet replacements.

Worried your toilet troubles stem from sewer line issues? We also offer sewer line inspection and repair services to put your mind at ease.

What Causes Your Toilet to Clog?

In many cases, a toilet clog can stem from something as simple as too much toilet paper. The entire flushing process of your toilet is based on reverse pressure. When the water releases into the p-trap, it picks up speed, pushing any waste out through your sewer lines. If that curved section of your toilet gets blocked for any reason, the water won’t flow away from your toilet. So any miscellaneous debris like kids toys, baby wipes, and even cat litter can all form a blockage in your toilet.

Similarly, the actual flushing components of your toilet could be to blame as well. That reservoir tank behind your toilet actually houses the float and release for the water in your toilet. If that flapper is not opening, closing, or is leaking water, you won’t have enough pressure to flush the toilet. Because a clogged toilet can stem from a few different scenarios, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion.

Upgrading Your Bathroom with a New Toilet

While clogged toilets may be the main call we get from our customers, at Premium Plumbing and Septic we can also help make your dream bathroom a reality. A toilet replacement is a perfect opportunity to add some luxury and style to one of the most used rooms in your home. Consider adding features like:

  • Heated toilet seats
  • Bidet style toilet
  • Low flow toilets
  • Modern style
  • Bronze or colored toilets

At Premium Plumbing and Septic we can help you choose the right toilet for your home, get it installed perfectly, and leave you enjoying the red carpet treatment you deserve in your home.

The Premium Plumbing and Septic Difference

As homeowners we understand, things happen. That’s why we offer fast response times, custom tailored plumbing services, and our customer satisfaction guarantee. Also, because we understand residential plumbing as a complete system, we can get to the bottom of your toilet issues. Whether the problem stems from the sewer lines or an outdated plumbing connection, you can count on us to get the problem fixed once and for all.

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