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How To Get Hard Water Stains Off Any Surface


Let’s face it -- hard water stains suck and not too many people are going to tell you how to get rid of them, especially companies that can profit off your lack of knowing these quick and easy tips to remove any hard water stain.

You will never have to worry about that at Premium Plumbing & Septic. We pride ourselves on always providing valuable knowledge to our customers even if that means you won’t need us anymore (wipes away tears).

First, Let’s Talk About Hard Water

hardwaterBefore we go removing stains and what not, it’s important to know what exactly is causing these hideous marks on our dishes and toilets in the first place.

Who’s to blame? Let’s call our suspect hard water, which is water that is naturally infused with various minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Although considered non-hazardous to drink, hard water has some pretty negative effects on certain surfaces in our homes such as our countertops and bathroom fixtures. Until you invest in a water softener system (we’ll discuss this later), it is always useful to know a few techniques on removing the inevitable water stains.

4 Different Surfaces, 4 Different Solutions

There are many different surfaces in your home that require unique attention. For example, you won’t clean a toilet the same way you clean your dishes.

  • cleaningstainsTile: When it comes to tile, all you need is some white vinegar along with a cleaning pad. Apply the vinegar to the stains and let it sit for eight hours before rinsing the solution away. This method is effective on floors as well as the tile found in your shower.
  • Toilet: For the toilet, you’ll want to strap up in a pair of gloves, get out your powdered multi-purpose cleaning product, and get to scrubbing. It is best to scrub with a drywall sanding screen to scrape away at the hard water stains.
  • Marble: To remove stains out of marble, all you will need is a specified marble cleaning product along with a towel or steel wool to get out the rusty stains.
  • Glass: Glass can be a challenging surface to clean without the proper knowledge. For this surface, you will need a highly acidic cleaner to get the stains out. Make sure to read all cleaning product directions carefully to avoid any mishaps on your glass.

Preventative Maintenance Always Wins

watersoftenerHard water is not only a drag because of the ugly residue it leaves behind. It is also the culprit for other side effects such as clogged pipes, dry skin, and making your soap less effective.

This is why investing in a quality water softener system can save you a lot of money and prevent a lot of issues later down the road. A water softener filtrates the minerals out the water system before it even makes it to your faucet, leaving you smooth, soft water that never stains up your home.

Say goodbye to the days of not knowing what to do about those rusty stains all over your mirrors, dishes, and faucets and say hello to knowing exactly what to do when those infamous blemishes appear. But don’t keep all this wisdom to yourself, share with a friend! Fighting hard water stains is a lot more fun when you do it together!