Water Softener Installation & Repair in Villa Rica

Experienced water softener installation services in Villa Rica

The water quality in your home is tied directly with the efforts you make to keep it clean. While you can get bottled water to avoid purchasing a water filtration system if hard water is a concern for your property, water softener installation is less of an option and more of a priority. At Premium Plumbing and Septic, we can help get your home protected from the dangers of hard water.

In the event your plumbing is already dealing with hard water issues like scale, we can also help clean your pipes with our expert hydrojetting services.

Signs You’re Dealing with Hard Water

Hard water is a mineral-rich water that stems from unfiltered water. Not only can it affect the comfort of your water, but also it can damage your pipes. Some warning signs that you’re dealing with hard water include:

  • Clogging: Scale is a mineral deposit that’s left inside of your pipes. Without a water softener in place, that scale will continue to build-up, eventually leading to a complete blockage in your plumbing.
  • Foul Smelling Water: It’s common for hard water to have a sulfur smell to it. This is the last thing you want your family to deal with, much fewer visitors to your home.
  • Damage to Appliances: Just like scale can block your plumbing, it can also damage appliances. Your water heater, dishwasher, and faucets and fixtures can all shave years off their lifespan - leading to additional plumbing repairs.
  • Skin Irritation: Hard water not only prevents soap from lathering but also it can affect your skin and hair. Sometimes this can be as simple as a kind of film on your skin, other times it can result in an allergic reaction.

How Can a Water Softener Help?

Hard water can cause major damage in your home, and the only way to properly attack it is with a water softener installation. A water softener works by diluting the harmful minerals and chemicals in hard water with salt. The ions in the salt breakdown the ions in the hard water, leaving you with soft and usable water. These devices are connected directly to your plumbing and look similar to traditional water heaters.

The tank section of the water softener is where the salt is stored that completes the process. Regular water softener service is needed, like inspections and salt replacement, to ensure that your system is always in top working order. Our plumbers can help you choose the right sized water softener for your home and get it installed in no time!

Expert Solutions from Premium Plumbing and Septic

Most homeowners are resistant to the idea of spending money, but when it comes to your health and plumbing, there are few options. A whole home water softener system can protect your plumbing, and leave you with soft and comfortable water for showers, dishwashing, and more. At Premium Plumbing and Septic, we can work with your budget to find you a unit that works for you. Once installed, we also offer regular maintenance and repairs to make sure your home is always protected.

Worried that hard water is already damaging your plumbing? We offer sewer video inspections to help you get the inside look on your pipes.

Hard water can damage your plumbing and hurt your health? Call Premium Plumbing and Septic at (770) 842-6183 for service in Villa Rica, GA and fight back with a water softener system.